Families of Covington 1600 to 1900

Covington is a small village consisting of never more than 200 souls for most of its history, so attempting a genealogy of the entire village is a reasonably achievable target.
I'm currently distilling parish records, gravestone, photographs, personal histories and stories into this database.
Unless I don't know their original family name, female subjects retain their maiden name all the way through this database.

Simon Parsons (CIfA 8313)

The site is being regularly updated, usually when I am on holiday, with 1100 People and 253 Families entered as of the last update on 4th December, 2023.

Log on as guest with password covington to see what I've done so far.

COVINGTON: (Perhaps 'Coppington' - Copp {high/top, the double P pronounced like 'f' before vowel changes] Ing [animal enclosure] Ton/Tune [Settlement] = so Covington is 'The High Pastures') and it is most certainly up on a hill.

Like many in this part of England, the village is Anglo-Saxon in origin, although the area of occupation has changed over the years to improve the view from the Manor house (now gone). The Parish has several known undeveloped Bronze/Iron Age farms/settlements and at least two Roman sites, one of which has been excavated by the Parish History Group. Most sites have had a geophysical survey done. A large part of the post-Norman Manorial Enclosure was excavated as a Training Dig by Oxford Archaeology East as part of their Jigsaw initiative.

This site was developed as a side-project for the village's Millennium celebrations, but has taken a lot longer to finish than originally envisaged. I now no-longer live in Covington, but I continue to update this database when time permits. It is now mostly complete, but I've been saying that for years.

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